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Here at Total Source Packaging we specialize in designing and manufacturing a variety of wood products. We are highly equipped with state-of- the-art equipment to make sure you get the best quality and price. When it comes to pallets, crates, and lumber you will not find a better supplier. We work every day to make your process easier and more convenient, offering multiple delivery and warehousing options. We work with our customers to find the best possible solutions and maximize efficiencies.





Our newly manufactured pallets are produced on-site from locally sourced wood.  The quality and craftsmanship that go into our products assure that our customers are getting the best product for their needs.


Wood Sources


• Pine

• Oak

• Poplar

• Other Species Available

Any other hard or soft wood by request

Standard sizes and more!


• Build to Your Specs

• 4-way reversible

• 2-way non-reversible

• Block and wing pallets

• Custom sizes

• IPPC ISPM-15 pallets for International Shipping


Shipping Crates are the ultimate solution for shipping your products safely and efficiently.  Corrugate shipping solutions can accommodate most items, but when you need strength and security, a wood manufactured crate will get your item safely there every time.


Whether you have a one-time shipping need or are looking for consistent supply for your factory output, Total Source Packaging has the answer.  We can customize your crate for any size and any weight, and protect your products from the strain of shipping by land, air or sea.


We offer the same wood sources and quality workmanship as you will find in our new pallets.  Additionally, our crates can also be built to IPPC ISPM-15 standards for International Shipping.


Looking for a way to lower shipping costs?  Are you tired of spending good money on pallets, just to watch them go out the door never to be seen from again?  If so, then refurbished/remanufactured pallets may just be the answer to your shipping costs problem.


Our refurbished pallets have been remade to meet the industry’s A or B grading standards.  Whether you need standard pallets or custom sizes, we have the pallet solution for you.


We can also provide refurbished pallets that meet IPPC ISPM-15 standards for International Shipping


Used plastic pallet are frequently available


Call us and turn your second-hand pallets into CASH!

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