Packaging Supplies


Total Source Packaging is the complete source for your packaging needs.  In addition to our corrugate and crating solutions we offer a wide variety of packaging supplies.  From tapes and strapping to filler and padding, we can get you products packed safely and securely and on the way to your customers.  Our associates have the right experience to give you peace of mind.


Polybags and Sheets


We offer a wide variety of polybags and sheets for your every need.  In addition to standard zippered, flat, gussetted, wicketed and write-on bags, we can print or color to your specifications. A zippered bag has a resealable closure for easy access and reuse.  A flat bag can have a bottom or side seal.  A gussetted bag has a triangle shaped fold turned inward on both sides to give depth to the bag.  Other products include pouches, pallet hoods, covers, sheeting, box liners, can liners and much more…


Stretch Film


Stretch wrap is an absolute necessity to secure your pallet shipments. Cast or blown stretch wrap is available. The cast stretch film is quieter and less expensive but is mainly used for uniform loads. Cast or blown can be used with a hand dispenser or a machine. Available additives are anti-static, VCI(vapor corrosive inhibitor for rust prevention), UVI(Ultraviolet inhibitors for long exposure to sunlight), or color tints for identification. Also, printing is available with notations such as “DO NOT BREAK DOWN PALLET”, “DO NOT DOUBLE STACK”, or “FRAGILE”.


**Recommended Gauge Sizes For Uniform Loads**

60 Gauge – Up to 1,600 lbs
70 Gauge – Up to 2,000 lbs
80 Gauge – Up to 2,500 lbs Industrial
90 Gauge – Up to 3,000 lbs Heavy Duty
100 Gauge – Up to 3,500 lbs Super Heavy Duty

Strapping Material



Polyester strapping is designed for medium to heavy-duty palletizing and unitizing applications.  Polyester strapping can either be applied by hand tools or by power strapping equipment.


Steel strapping is manufactured to meet rigid quality specifications and close tolerances.  It is ideal for all general applications and is available in a number of different widths and gauges.


Polypropylene is less expensive and easier to use than steel strapping for bundling items, sealing oversized cartons and securing palletized loads.  Use open seals with manual tensioner.

Manual Tools

Manual hand tools are the most basic form of strap application equipment.  They are perfect for operations that do not have access to power sources or do not require the speed of powered hand tools.







Bubble Cushioning

Air bubble cushioning offers a flexible, lightweight solution for protecting your products against abrasion and the effects of vibration. It’s made of low-density, non-toxic polyethylene with less than 5% deflation. We carry utility and premium grades; standard and anti-static rolls; adhesive, co-adhesive and laminate anti-static shielding; and sealable pouches perforated every 12 inches.


Polyethylene(PE) Foam

PE foam offers an excellent cost to protection ration for sensitive items. As a lightweight material it can help you save on your shipping costs. Its mostly used for cushioning and positioning in material handling racks and to provide efficient cushioning foe medium to heavy weight items. Due to a variety of fabrication techniques, Total Source Packaging can provide and shape that you might require.


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