Custom Solutions


At Total Source Packaging, we pride ourselves on our ability to find the best packaging solution for each individual product.  Not everything fits into standard sizes and measurements.  That’s why our experts will see that your product is packaged safely and securely.  So whether you need  a special size, have a product with irregular shape, a need to secure various items during shipment, or if you just want to add some branding, Total Source Packaging has the answer for you.


Custom Printing and Branding

Want to add some flair to your shipments?  Do you want to improve your brand recognition? Or just want to label some instruction on your products.  At Total Source Packaging, we’ve got to you covered.  We can take your simple box and turn it into a stylish finished product.  Your customers will see the extra care taken in your packaging and recognize your commitment to their satisfaction.  We can also eliminate the need for instruction stickers and tape.  Let us print it right on the box and you’ll never worry about forgetting it or having it fall off again.

Custom Die-Cuts and Inserts

Square and rectangular products are easy to ship.  But what do you do if your product doesn’t have nice easy corners?  You call us.  At Total Source Packaging, we can get your product packaged and ready to ship, no matter the shape.  We have years of experience packaging irregularly shaped items.  Our computerized die-cast system will make the right cuts in the right size and shape for whatever you need to ship.  We can also provide the right kind of inserts for shipping multiple items in a single box.  We take the hassle out of packaging your products, so that you can get them out the door and delivered to your customers.

Custom Strength and Crating

Is your product extra heavy?  Does it need more protection due to it’s delicate construction?  Let Total Source Packaging provide the perfect solution for your products needs.  Our custom complete packaging solutions are where we excel above the rest.  Give us a call and let our expertise create the right packaging for your needs.  Whether you need stronger corrugate boxes, wood framing, crates, pallets or a combination of any of these, we’re here to help.  We can take your requirements and offer the best packaging option at the best price.  So give us a call today.

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