Total Source Packaging is your supplier for all corrugated products. We manufacture all styles of boxes to meet your requirements. With printing and die-cut capabilities we can design and produce a quality product that will protect and secure. From boxes and tubes to scored pads and sheets. Let us help find the best solution for your packaging.


Common Box Styles

Envelope Base
The bottom panels of this box style interlock to give increased strength in the base without the need for sealing
Five Panel
This box style has an overlapping panel that helps provide rigidity and strength to give your product more protection.
This box design opens completely flat. Used predominantly for books and other bound items.
Self-locking tabs allow your product to be secured without the need to tape. Great for items that need to be
Standard box style. Can be used for any basic product that does not require specialized strength or shape.
Each flap is full-sized to provide extra support for heavier items or products that need to be stacked
Perfect thin items that need to be rolled such as documents, maps, posters, etc.

 Additionally, our computerized system allows us to customize any other box styling that you may require.



Three Strength Options





Honeycomb is a rugged cost effective, custom-engineered kraft paper material that has proven ideal for many uses, including packaging, pallets, dunnage, furniture inner structures and signage displays.  By using the I-beam principle, these series of continuous hexagonal cells offer some of the strongest support available in a light weight material.



A die-cut is made by producing panels with holes that are cut completely through in practically any shape or thickness.  Die-cut panels can be either glued to a flat panel to create a tray for bulk packaging or used to surround an item for inner packing.


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(PSA)

A high tack adhesive is applied to one side of a honeycomb panel and covered with a release paper.  The paper is removed by the end-user, who can then apply to a surface.  The panel is typically used as a block support in pallets or inner packaging


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